Have you just moved into a new home and wondering if you need to replace the locks? Or, maybe you have lost your keys, and you are wondering if there is any other way to save you from the hassle of replacing the existing lock. Apart from replacing an existing lock, rekeying is another common and cheap solution where a professional locksmith replaces and rearranges the inner functionality of the lock and they can be operated with new keys.

What is the difference between rekeying and changing the lock?

 There will be different instances when you might have to choose between rekeying vs changing the lock. Depending on the situation, you need to choose between the one. So, you must know the differences between these two procedures to make an informed decision. For example, when you rent out a new home, you may want to rekey while you want to replace the lock when there is a break-in.

So, what is rekeying?

A locksmith changes and rearranges the inner working of the lock in this procedure. So, you don’t need to replace the lock, but the lock’s functionality is changed, so you will need new keys to operate it. A professional locksmith will replace the inner pins and springs and then make a key that matches the pins’ new arrangement and springs in the lock.

While rekeying, your locksmith will ask you for the original key. If you have lost the original key, you may need to provide spare key access to complete the rekeying process. However, if you don’t have the spare key either, you can still rekey your lock. The locksmith will have to pick the lock to create a new combination. Know that you will need to bear some additional costs for it. 

What is changing the lock?

On the other hand, changing a lock is altogether a different procedure. In this case, the locksmith will replace the lock physically. For this, he will unscrew it, remove the existing deadbolt, and then replace it with a new lock with new keys. 

When to choose to rekey?

When you move to a new home, among many other must-dos, rekeying your home is one of the top requirements. Rekeying is an easy alternative to replacing the key if you have lost the original key. Rekeying is also recommended when you rent out a place or move to a new home. Rekeying is cheaper because it just needs to replace the inner few springs. 

Why should you consider rekeying when you move home?

When a new house is under construction, different people will have access to the home like the subcontractors, real estate agents, inspectors, etc. As a new homeowner, you wouldn’t want multiple people to have access to your home lock. So, ensure that you rekey your house before you move in. Although it is usually part of the sales process, you need to ensure that your home is rekeyed before closing on the deal as a buyer.

In case you’re buying a new house, ensure you have rekeyed because you do not know how many people might have the keys. In case you’re lending your home, put on a clause regarding changing locks or rekey locks. Also, consider the number of locks you need to replace because replacing a lock is a costly affair. If the number of locks is more than one, then you may want to consider rekeying. 

When to choose to replace the lock?

Do you think that the security system of your home is compromised? Have you encountered burglary? Have you upgraded your fingerprint locks or electronic locks? Have you lost your keys and not been able to find the spare keys too? Have you moved to a new place where the locks are old and need a replacement? In all such instances, you will need to replace the lock. Remember, replacing a lock is costlier than rekeying a lock. And in such a case, you need to choose the best Locksmith near to your location so they provide you great service.

Why should you consider replacing the lock?

It is not just always a safety issue that can prompt you to replace a lock. There may be other reasons too. For example, if you have a divorce or a breakup in a nasty way, you might want to replace your lock so that your partner doesn’t barge in to collect stuff without asking for your permission. It always sends out a strong message about the boundary line between you and your partner. 

If your lifestyle has changed, maybe you have undergone an accident or broken a hand, it might be wise to change the lock to suit your present lifestyle. Finally, worn out locks also calls for a replacement. 

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